Ready to host

Jukebox Bingo?

Host it your way

We've made it simple to build custom games using our host feature, you'll be up and running in seconds.

Fast and intuitive

We've made hosting a game as easy as possible, select your music, and click Create Game. We literally couldn't have made it any easier.

Curated playlists

As well as being able to add music by era we have made some curated playlists which are ready to launch at the click of a button.

Party, TV Themes, Love Songs, Girls Night Out, Christmas, Halloween... we continue to add these throughout the year so they're ready when you need them!

Updated weekly

Playlists are updated weekly, our team work tirelessly to ensure all the latest and greatest hits are in the database.

Not heard your favourite song? Drop us a message via the contact us form and we'll add it to the system!

Ready when you are, globally

Jukebox Bingo is web based, always on and ready to use when it suits you and your business.

Players have the choice of iOS, Android or Browser and is available across the globe.

Plan your events or play on demand

Jukebox Bingo is ready to go with just a few clicks, plan your bingo events in advance or throw a game on if you need to raise the atmosphere level in your venue.